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A deteriorating peeling white painted concrete wall showcases the effects of a slab leak. The cracked wall and water damage are evident, caused by leaking rainwater. The texture of the wall, with its peeling paint and rough surface, adds to the abandoned and vintage backdrop. This architectural detail highlights the importance of responsible construction, as well as the need for repair and fixing drainage issues. The moisture, dampness, and seepage have taken a toll on the integrity of the building's structure. This image serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of a slab leak, emphasizing the importance of prompt and reliable repair services to ensure a safe and healthy home or building environment.

A slab leak indicates a problem with your home’s foundation. Unrepaired slab leaks can saturate the soil beneath your home, resulting in uneven floors and a gradual sinking of the structure. If you have a slab leak, you must repair it right away to avoid further complications.

Causes of a Leak 

Knowing what causes a slab leak and how to spot one will aid you in the lengthy process of repairing it. The following are some of the factors that can cause a slab leak:

Faulty Installation 

Poor installation can result in the pipe becoming bent, twisted, or damaged over time. When water rushes through these dents, it causes leaks.

Abrasive Forces

As hot water pipes expand and contract in response to changes in temperature, abrasive forces are triggered, resulting in pipe damage and a slab leak. 

Leaks can also be caused by the pipe’s friction with the surrounding soil, rocks, and concrete. Additionally, sewage and debris in the water can cause pipe abrasion. 

External Influence 

Pipe leaks can be caused by external pressure, such as soil erosion, underground streams, and earthquakes. Due to prolonged external pressure, the earth beneath your home’s floor may shift, burst, or swell. 

Basement walls can crack and split when this occurs, leading to water leaks beneath the structure.

Corroding Pipes

The water quality contributes to the rate at which pipes corrode. This can be determined through a pH test. Using galvanized or steel pipe increases the likelihood of pipe corrosion.

Foundational Changes

The fact that your home’s foundation could shift might be a little unsettling. When the foundation begins to shift, the pressure in the pipes beneath increases. Sure, the pipes below are strong and can withstand force, but as the pressure rises, your pipes weaken.

Effects of a Slab Leak

A slab leak is something no homeowner wants to have in their home because it causes extensive damage. When slab leaks go unnoticed, they can result in severe wall and foundation cracks, unpleasant odors, uneven and discolored floors, electrocution, and even yard damage. 

In extreme cases, they may cause the house to sink or shift. Consequently, slab leaks must be avoided through proper plumbing and maintenance. The above effects always occur because a slab leak is hard to detect, allowing it to continue for a long time. 

However, if you are more observant of the possible signs of a slab leak, you should fix it as early as possible. Some of the effects of a slab leak are as follows:

  • An unexpected increase in water bills
  • Unusually low water pressure
  • Wet or damp floors
  • The sound of water running when the pipes are not in use
  • A water meter dial that reads continuously
  • Cracks in your walls and floors
  • A foul odor, usually of mold

Depending on the method of repair employed and/or the time required to locate the leak, slab leak repairs can range from a few hours to three days.

What to Do 

Unmanaged slab leaks can cause irreversible property damage. Due to the gradual nature of the changes, slab leaks can go unnoticed for a considerable amount of time. If you notice or suspect a slab leak, call a professional right away to conduct a thorough inspection, repair, and maintenance. The age, type of material, and condition of your home’s plumbing system will determine whether it requires repair, replacement, or complete re-piping.

For over 15 years, Paul’s Way Home Services has provided exceptional slab leak repair services to homeowners in Suffolk County, NY. We are a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in providing quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

If you suspect you have a slab leak, please contact us at (631) 518-2004 for a free consultation with upfront pricing. We will assess your situation and recommend the best course of action to quickly and efficiently repair your leak. 

Contact Paul’s Way Home Services right away – we’re here to help! Considering the risk of property damage, it is important to make this decision quickly; you’ll be glad you did.

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